This Saturday, The POMM will be featuring their chocolate at the Handmade Homemade Market! We will have samples of our Mexican Drinking Chocolate and bars. We will also be accepting orders on truffles for the holiday season. Hope to see you there!

Owen R.
12/19/2011 13:22

I sampled some of your chocolate at the last Handmade market, and I was hoping to purchase a box to use as a gift, but I'd been interested in getting one with a specific combination of different chocolates (not the one-of-each), so I couldn't get one of the prepackaged ones at the market. I had put in a little order slip to be contacted about that last week, but haven't heard anything yet, and I have to leave town the day after tomorrow. I couldn't find a way to contact you on your website without sending in an order form, which I can't download because I don't have the newer version of Word on my computer. I'm sure you're all busy filling orders, but can some one please e-mail me?
Many thanks!


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