The POMM will now be selling their chocolate at the Denver Urban Homesteading Market. The DUH Market is a year round indoor farmer's market that sells organic and local foods and offers classes like beekkeeping, raising chickens and gardening to help promote local agriculture.   It is located at 200 Santa Fe Drive and is open on Thursday and Friday from 3pm-7pm and Saturday from 9am-3pm.  Check them out at

We will be there every Saturday selling our chocolate. Every Friday we will be there making our chocolates so come by if you want to see how we turn cacao beans into delicious bars and truffles!
This Saturday, The POMM will be featuring their chocolate at the Handmade Homemade Market! We will have samples of our Mexican Drinking Chocolate and bars. We will also be accepting orders on truffles for the holiday season. Hope to see you there!
Come check out our new website with photos courtesy of!